for online course (with providing access to course materials)
is the present agreement concluded by the Customer's acceptance of the Contractor's offer
Is a person who has agreed to the terms of the Contract and paid Remuneration
Sole Professional Kirill Gavrilov
Sole Professional License (License № 103221, issued by Dubai Development Authority, Dubai, U.A.E.)
Online course "Mixed Reality". The program of the Course is specified in the Annex to the Contract.
Course Expert
Sanakoev Aleksandr
Course Format
The Course shall be in an online format. The Course shall include online webinars, answering questions in the Telegram messenger chat (hereinafter referred to as the Chat), providing access to Course Materials
Course Materials
Recordings of online webinars of the Course, assets and other additional materials
Course Time limits
The Course shall take 3 weeks.
Start date: August 22, 2023.
Access to the Chat shall be provided no later than the Start date of the Course and shall be valid after the end of the Course
Course materials shall be provided no later than 2 weeks from the end date of the last online webinar of the Course.
The Course Expert shall answer the questions in the Chat during the duration of the Course.
USD 190,00
Payment Terms
The Customer shall pay Remuneration when concluding the Contract
License for the Course Materials
The Contractor shall grant the Customer a license to use the Course Materials. The License terms are specified in Section 3 of the Contract. The Customer may not use the Course Materials outside the terms of the License

1.1.       In order to enter the Contract, the Contractor need to consistently perform the following actions:
1.1.1.  Read the Contract Terms and agree with them;
1.1.2.  Read and agree with the Consent to the processing of personal data to registry for the Course and give this Consent to the Contractor;
1.1.3.  Fill in contact details to send the link to the Chat;
1.1.4.  Pay Remuneration for the Course.
At the moment of all these actions are performed by the Customer, the Contract is considered to be concluded.
1.2.       The Contractor shall send a link to the Customer to give an access to the Chat using the contact details specified by the Customer. The Contractor shall not responsible for the Customer's failure to receive a link to the Chat, if:
●  the Customer has set a restriction on receiving messages or other settings that prevent receiving messages from the Contractor; or
●  the Customer has provided incorrect contact details.

2.1.       The Contractor shall arrange the Course, providing the Customer with the opportunity to participate in the Course on the terms stipulated in the Contract, and the Customer shall pay Remuneration.
2.2.       The course is not educational and does not require the Contractor to have any educational license.
2.3.       No rights for the software shall be granted to the Customer. The Customer independently and at his own expense acquires the software he needs. The Contractor recommends using the latest versions of the following programs to work with Course Materials: After Effects, Photoshop (Adobe), Cinema 4D, Redshift (Maxon).
2.4.       The Contractor shall send the schedule of the Course webinars, links to access the online webinars of the Course, Course Materials, Expert answers to questions in the Chat.
2.5.       The Contractor shall have the right to change the time limits of the Course, the dates and time of the webinars, by sending a notification to the Chat at least 1 day in advance.
2.6.       The Course is not individual. Webinars of the Course are held with the simultaneous participation of other persons along with the Customer.
2.7.       The Contractor may involve third parties to fulfill obligations under the Contract. At the same time, the Contractor bears full responsibility under the Contract for the quality and timing of the services provided.

3.1.       The Contractor shall grant the Customer the right to use the Course Materials (hereinafter referred to as the License) under the following terms:
Type of License
non-exclusive license
Not limited (worldwide)
License validity period
from the date of granting access to the Course Materials for the entire period of protection of intellectual property rights
Ways of use
reproduction, viewing for personal purposes
Transferring rights to third parties
This license is an end-user single license. The Customer may not transfer the Course Materials or the rights to use the Course Materials to third parties.
The Customer may not perform actions that make the Course Materials available to third parties, and may not grant access to the Course Materials to an unlimited number of persons
Brand identification
The Customer may not remove logos, trademarks, brand names, other references to the Contractor and other copyright holders from the Course Materials
The Customer may not change the Course webinar records, or to modify Course records in any way
The Customer may not:
−  extract elements/components from the Course webinar records;
−  use elements or components of the Course webinars outside of the Course Materials;
−  include Course Materials in other works
3.2.       The Customer is not granted any rights to use trademarks or brands, even if they are included in the Course Materials.
3.3.       In case of Customer’s violation of the License terms, the Contractor may:
3.3.1.  immediately repudiate the Contract;
3.3.2.  charge a money penalty of USD 1 000,00;
3.3.3.  demand compensation for losses and damages, including lost profits, from the Customer;
3.3.4.  apply any other liability measures provided for by applicable law.
3.4.       The Customer shall reimburse the losses and pay the penalty no later than 10 days from the date of submission of the relevant claim by the Contractor.

4.           MISCELLANEOUS
4.1.       The information exchanged by the Parties during the conclusion and execution of the Contract shall be confidential. Confidential information may be used only for the purposes for which it was submitted. Without the consent of the other Party, confidential information may be disclosed only to employees, auditors, financial, legal and other consultants od advisors, as well as affiliated persons of the Party, provided that agreements on non-disclosure of confidential information are concluded with such persons. Confidential information may be disclosed to other persons after receiving the prior written consent of the other Party and subject to the conclusion of non-disclosure agreements with such persons on confidential information.
4.2.       In case of termination of the Contract at the initiative of the Customer, the Remuneration shall not be refunded and shall be considered by the Parties as a fee for the cancellation of the Contract.
4.3.       The Contractor's liability under any circumstances shall be limited to the amount of Remuneration paid by the Customer.
4.4.       Any conflict situations arising concerning the performance of the terms of the Contract shall be resolved, if possible, through negotiations between the Parties. Otherwise, all disputes shall be resolved t in accordance with the applicable law of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
4.5.       The pre-trial claim procedure for dispute resolution is mandatory. The Party that considers that its rights have been violated by the other Party shall send a written claim to the other Party with the attachment of the evidence of the validity of the claims that the other Party does not have. The response time to the claim is 30 days from the day of the receipt.
4.6.       In everything that is not directly provided for by the Agreement, the Parties shall be governed by the laws of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.
ANNEX №1 to the Contract
for online course (with providing access to course materials)

0. Pre-purchase Live on Instagram Communicating values of upcoming master
class product. Vertex method & pipeline.
References overview & VFX production for
Social Media analysis. Q&A Session.

1. Intro to creative visual effects production Defining CG&VFX, what we are creating. Visual
content components analysis. Overview of
software pipeline & intro to shooting with your
smartphones. Cinema 4D overview as a main

2. Working with video footage. Tracking. Overview of various tools: AE camera tracker,
C4D, PFTrack. Sorting out difficulties &
estimating traceable footage. Camera Focal
length and FoV properties, video frame rate &

3. 3D animation in Cinema 4D Defining 3D assets and their assembly of
components. Intro to Mograph in Cinema 4D:
meshes, generators, deformer & dynamics.
Keyframes & animation graph. Adding CG
animation solved scene of chosen footage.
Exporting preview animatic for analysis.

4. Lighting & Rendering with Redshift. Basic

Materials & light objects overview. Render
settings & formats. Common issues &
difficulties within rendering process.
Compositing video in after effects. Roto &
planar tracking with Mocha Ae. Q&A Session.
5. Intermediate topics. Tips & tricks. Difficulty factors analysis. Approaches for more
complex FX. Mixamo & 3D characters
overview. Talking about simulations in Cinema
4D. 32bit ACES export & compositing with
AOVs. Q&A Session.

Mason’s Cinema 4D. Why do we choose this software? Brief dive into
software preferences according to production specialization. Commercial vs
feature graphics differences.
C4D overview of features and interface. (Prepared scenes).
• Workspaces
• Hierarchy & object attributes
• Parametric primitives & meshes
• Points, edges & polygons. Pivot.
• Nulls, splines, generators & deformers
• Mograph objects
• Tags
• Keyframes & timeline
• Material window
• Lights & renderview.

2 - Working with video footage. Tracking
Trackable & untrackable footages. What to consider when shooting.
Eyeballing camera and scene features vs knowing initial parameters: lens
focal length, sensor size, AOV, light, colors and scene scale.
Relative focal length. Survey shot concept.
Preparing your footage in a most suitable format: image sequence.
Importance of consistent framerate.
Basic logic of 3D tracking description. 2D tracks to 3D solve.
Tracking one footage with 3 different softwares (prepared scenes):
1. After affects 3D camera tracker. 3 solving modes. Initialize camera angle
of view. Googling aov tables. Ground plane & origin. Export to cinema
4D, adding background object.
2. Tracking in Cinema 4D from ground up. Tracking workspace overview,
tracker object. Setting up footage. Autotracking and user defined
tracking. Error threshold & smart acceleration features. Parameters for
solve. Setting up correct scale and coordinates with tracker constraint
tags. Bonus: camera calibrator tag. Scene orientation nudge & camera
3. Tracking in PFTrack from scratch. Interface overview & importing your
footage. Camera presets. Autotrack & automatch nodes. Camera solve &
refine after correction. Orient scene node. Test objects. Export fbx to
cinema 4D

Questions & answers.

3 - 3D animation in Cinema 4D
Pre-made assets & where to get them. Small talk about draft vs production
model topology.
Setting up draft scene objects. Animating with keyframes. Animation graph
overview. Timing & easing, keyframe parameters.
Constraining our assets to draft objects, setting up scene hierarchy.
Intro to Mograph (separate scene):
Bullet dynamics (very basic)
Adding brand logo (vertex) to our scene
Mograph objects set up
Setting up dynamics & colliders
Exporting animatic with viewport render for video preview & analysis

4 - Lighting & Rendering with Redshift. Basic compositing
Materials & material tags. Shader attributes.
Workspace for rendering.
Node graph overview. Using textures & procedural noises. Node solo mode
for viewport. Material projection modes.
Setting up lighting. HDRI & light objects overview (separate scene)
Mograph color sample for material. Ramps & color correction nodes.
Render settings overview. Noise threshold redshift setting. GI (separate

Setting up export for our render. Testing with a rendered still frame.
Diving into After Effects. Importing rendered sequence. Rotobrush for
obscuring foreground objects.
Basic color correction and export
Bonus: Mocha Ae planar tracking plugin

5 - Intermediate topics. Tips & tricks.
Redshift AOVs. Beauty pass compositing. Puzzle matte.
32bit ACES export. Setting up color spaces in After Effects.
What makes VFX more difficult? Showcase with different examples:
character animation, simulations, hardcore compositing.
Mixamo web application for characters. Rigging with mixamo and setting up
control rig in Cinema 4D (reference to Maxon YouTube channel with quick
Cloth & softbody simulations in Cinema 4D. Overview with prepared scene.
Basic cloth for a characters.
Bonus: adding pyro simulation upon animated character. Caching & render
settings for pyro volumes.
Questions & answers.