CG Lead
To be done
Manage the team.
  • to set tasks with a specific result, set KPI;
  • together with hr, to hire specialists for the team;
  • to be responsible for the results of the team;
  • to predict the career track based on hard-skills and the personality of the subordinate.

Create 3D videos from animatic to render.
VFX - photorealistic integration of 3D objects into the footage
Full CG - creating Full 3D videos for advertising and physical screens
  • to create various simulations (cloth, liquid, fire, etc.);
  • to produce 3D-tracking of the footage;
  • to perform composite tasks: rotoscope, cleanup, post-fx;
  • to shade, light, render;
  • to make edits if they appear, participate in dailies and send small reports on the work.

An ideal candidate
  • has managed a remote team of 3 people before;
  • is a nature-born lider;
  • is result-oriented person;
  • respects team tools and actively uses them;
  • has a portfolio with VFX (tracking, compositing, rotoscope, clean-up);
  • uses ACES pipeline: Cinema 4D + Red Shift, Adobe After Effects;
  • observes the rules of editing, knows the basic principles of animation;
  • creates three-dimensional scenes and simulations in Cinema 4D (for example, flag animation);
  • follows trends, he/she is a visioner;
  • has a high level of self-organization.

Will be a plus
  • basic knowledge of Houdini FX and X-Particles;
  • experience with cars (rigging, animation, lighting, car shading);
  • experience in creating CG for physical corner 3D screens;
  • experience in finalizing the mesh of 3D models.

We offer
  • work in a team with strong expertise and international projects: implemented 300+ projects for 80+ clients from 30 countries;
  • development of each according to their talents and desires: we conduct internal trainings, connect trainers from outside, maintain our own knowledge base;
  • bureaucracy is completely absent, and a creative environment instead of it;
  • a sustainable and supportive environment: mistakes are welcome if they are used as an opportunity to learn new things.
  • fully remote work with flexible schedule. The team works from different time zones, so there is no binding, for example, to the Dubai or Moscow time;
  • salary is discussed with the final candidate;
  • work in a team that really cares about the overall results and the results of each individual.