1. The http://vertexcgi.com/ website (hereinafter referred to as the «Website») is the website of the V R T X GLOBAL NETWORK SERVICES L.L.C and Sole Professional Kirill Gavrilov, hereinafter referred to as the «Website Administration»).
  2. Website is for persons aged 18 and older.
  3. The Website Administration offers services of the Website subject to the terms of the present User Agreement / Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as «Terms»). All users of the Website, hereinafter referred to as «Users» must comply with the Terms of Use.
  4. Any User by using the Website concludes the User Agreement, agrees with the Terms of Use and agrees to comply with them.
  5. The User Agreement is a legally binding agreement between the User, on the one hand, and the Website Administration, on the other hand. The Website Administration shall provide the User with the ability to use the Website and its services (hereinafter referred to as «Services»). The Terms also shall apply to relations with third parties if their rights and interests are affected because of the User’s actions.
  6. The User is obliged to read Terms of Use in full before using the Website. The fact of using the Website by the User shall confirm the User's full and unconditional acceptance of these Terms.
  7. All rights to the Website as a whole and to the use of the vertexcgi.com address (domain name and sub-domains) belong to the Website Administration, which provides access to the Website to all interested persons (Users) in accordance with the Terms and applicable law.

2.1. The Website Administration shall ensure the confidentiality of personal data obtained through the Website, as well as fulfills other requirements, stipulated by applicable law in storage and processing of personal data and confidentiality of information. The Policy regarding the processing of personal data is available on the Website.

2.2. Every Website User gives his free, substantive, specific, informed, unambiguous, conscious consent to the processing and use of personal data on the following terms:

Acting freely, of my own free will and in my own interest, confirming my legal capacity, I hereby give my specific, substantive, informed, conscious and unambiguous consent to the processing of my personal data to the Operators of personal data: V R T X GLOBAL NETWORK SERVICES L.L.C (Commercial license № 1083151) and Sole Professional Kirill Gavrilov (License № 103221) both with the use of automation tools and without the use of them, under the following terms:

The list of personal data that may be processes: data that is automatically transmitted when visiting the pages of the Website (including cookies, IP address, access time information, location information, type and version of the operating system, browser type and version, device type and screen resolution, referrer (the source (website and / or link), from which the User comes to the website, the language of the operating system and browser, data about the pages opened by the user and other similar data). The User has the right to determine by his own the list of personal data for the processing by changing the settings of cookies.

Purposes of personal data processing: technical support of Website and Users, improvement of Website navigation and analysis of its use, informing the subject of personal data about the activities by various means of communication.

The list of actions with personal data: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage in electronic form, clarification (updating, modification), extraction, use, transfer to third parties (including transfer and assignment of processing to third parties for technical support of Website services), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction.

Operator shall not distribute personal data to indefinite range of persons.

The Operator may carry out cross-border transfer of personal data to any countries, as well as to the countries that do not provide adequate protection of the rights of personal data subjects.

This consent to the processing of personal data is valid until its withdrawal by sending a corresponding written application.
I confirm that I have been notified that the request to exclude or correct (improve) incorrect or incomplete personal data, as well as to revoke this consent, may be sent in the form of a corresponding written application to hello@vertex.network. The application must contain the full name, phone number and e-mail address of the applicant, as well as the date of the application and the applicant's handwritten signature.

2.3. The terms for processing personal data of persons, concluding contracts with the Website Administration, shall be determined by the terms of the relevant contracts.

2.4. The User agrees to the processing of personal data to provide an answer to the User's request on the following terms by sending a request through the feedback form.


3.1. Any materials posted on the Website are intellectual property (objects of copyright or related rights, as well as rights for means of individualization) that belong to the Website Administration and (or) the respective copyright holders.

3.2. The use of the Website materials is allowed only with the previous written consent of the Website Administration or another copyright holder directly indicated on the specific material posted on the Website. If the User want to use the Website materials, the rights to which belong to third parties (other copyright holders), such User may contact the Website Administration and the copyright holders of such materials to obtain permission to use the materials. The use of the Website materials without obtaining permission from the Website Administration is not allowed.

3.3. The User may use Website materials, belonging to copyright holders other than the Website Administration, with the previous permission of such copyright holders and / or according with the terms established by such copyright holders. None of the provisions of these Terms grants the User and / or third parties the right to use the materials of the Website Administration and / or other copyright holders.

3.4. The use of the Website materials (including, but not limited to, literary, musical, audiovisual works and phonograms, graphic and design works, photographic works) means reproduction, distribution, public display, broadcast, cable transmission, translation, modification, making available to the public and other methods of use provided for by applicable law.

3.5. No one may make any changes and/or additions to the Website materials, as well as any modification of the Website materials without obtaining the written consent of the Website Administration.

3.6. The use of the Website materials may be carried out based on written contracts with the Website Administration, or based on written consent issued by the Website Administration.

4.1. The Website Administration reserves the right to change these Terms unilaterally at any time without notifying Users. The Website Administration shall post all changes on the Website. The changes shall have effect from the moment they are posted on the Website. The Website Administration recommends Users to check regularly Terms for their changes and/or additions. If the User continue to use the Website after changes and/or additions to these Terms, such User shall be deemed accepted the Terms with such changes and/or additions.

4.2. If specific services are provided through the Website, the Website Administration may post rules for the provision of services. In case of contradiction to these Terms, such rules shall prevail and regulate the rights and obligations of the parties when receiving a specific service.

4.3. The User shall use the Website in good faith, without violating applicable law, the rights and freedoms of third parties, ethics and morals, refrain from insults, the use of obscene language, the implementation or dissemination of information containing riotous statement, extremist activities, participation in mass (public) events held in violation of the established procedure, dissemination of information, which may entail illegal obtaining the results of intellectual activity.

4.4. The Website may contain links to other websites (third-party websites). The Website Administration shall not check these third parties and their content for compliance with certain requirements (reliability, completeness, legality, etc.). The Website Administration shall not be responsible for any information, materials posted on third-party websites that the User accesses using the Website, including for any opinions or statements expressed on third-party websites, advertising, etc., as well as for the availability of such websites or content and the consequences of their use by the User.

4.5. The Website Administration shall not guarantee that the Website meets the User's requirements, that access to the Website shall be provided continuously, quickly, reliably and without errors. The parties agreed that software and hardware errors, both on the side of the Website Administration and on the side of the User, which led to the inability of the User to access the Website, are force majeure circumstances and grounds for exemption from liability.

4.6. For all questions regarding the use of the Website, Users may contact the Website Administration at hello@vertex.network.

4.7. The provisions of the current applicable law shall apply to everything, not regulated by these Terms of Use or special conditions of other documents. The law applicable to the relations with the Users of the Website and to the processing of their personal data shall be the law of the UAE, Dubai.

If you disagree with this Terms of Use, please, do not use the Website, do not enter your personal data on the Website and do not use its services